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Offene studentische Arbeiten

These topics are potential student theses. The supervisor can be contacted on your own. If you are interested in another field of science of a staff member you can also ask if there is a possibility for a student thesis in that field.

Topics indicated by type 1 are Research Projects, by type 2 are Bachelor theses and by type 3 are Master theses. If there are more than one type for one topic different theses are available in that topic.

Förster, Kristian

  • Urbane Hydrologie / Urban Hydrology - topics upon request (Typ 1,2,3)

Kasargodu Anebagilu, Prajna

  • Comparison of performance efficiency of parameter optimization y two metaheuristic algorithms for a HYPE model (Typ 3)
    (Student should be well versed with programming language MATLAB/python and should be able to work independently)
  • Parameter optimization using AMALGAM for a HYPE model (Typ 3). (Student should be well versed with programming language MATLAB and should be able to work independently)

Pidoto, Ross

  • Development of a KNN model to improve the temporal rainfall properties of a stochastic precipitation model (type 3)
  • Applying spatial consistency to multi-site stochastic rainfall time series (type 3)
  • Sensitivity of observed time series length on rainfall event characteristics (type 1 & 2)
  • Effect of the internal structure of a stochastic rainfall model as to model performance (type 3)
  • Performance evaluation of different Copula structures for dependent rainfall event characteristics in a stochastic rainfall model (type 3)
  • The hydrological response of different internal structures of a stochastic rainfall model (Typ 1,2)

Shehu, Bora

  • Investigating the benfit of an optical flow correction algorithm of rainfall radar data (Typ 3)
  • Comparing different applications of quantile mapping based bias corrected radar data regarding urban hydrological modelling (Typ 3)
  • Regionalization of 2 hours rainfall extremes inside the Hannover Radar range (Typ 1)
  • Developing a fuzzy rule based model to classify rainfall events based on radar data (Typ 3)
  • Investigate the effect of different radar correction techniques on radar based rainfall forecast (Typ 1, 2, 3)
  • Sensitivity analysis of the urban model to different type of spatial distributed events, advection speed, initial conditions and coverage (Typ 1, 2)

Thiele, Luisa

  • Starkniederschl√§ge /
    heavy precipitation events (Typ 1)